Industries Served

Most of us have heard the word hydraulics. Many do not know what hydraulics means. It refers to the ability to control the movement of a fluid. This movement is used to generate a mechanical output applying directed force on a load.

Hydraulic fluids include petroleum based, synthetic, and fire resistant fluids. Hydraulics are used in many applications around the world from steel mills to agricultural tractors to amusement park merry-go-rounds.


Agriculture accounts for a significant piece of the Saskatchewan economy. Agriculture also relies heavily on farm equipment year-round. Farm equipment utilizes hydraulics to do the heavy lifting. Hydraulics are used on tractors, combines, seeders, tillers, trucks, and more equipment. Hydraulics enable farmers to do more work in less time with fewer people. Provincial Hydraulics performs maintenance, repairs, and emergency service. We support the agriculture industry in Saskatchewan.


Construction’s contribution to Saskatchewan’s GDP is around 8%. This puts it in 4th place just behind Agriculture. The construction industry relies on all sorts of heavy-duty equipment utilizing hydraulics. Excavating, lifting, and hauling can all have hydraulic components. Components that undergo wear and tear. They need to be repaired or replaced to maintain performance and safety. 

hydraulic ram on construction equipment
mining equipment hydraulics


Mining is a component of the largest GDP segment in Saskatchewan. Over 16% of the GDP in 2019. Saskatchewan has a vibrant mining community. It is a global leader in the production of potash and uranium. Mining equipment is amongst the largest and most specialized found anywhere. Hydraulics is an essential component in these massive machines. They can add a unique challenge for maintenance and repair. A multi-ton miner that is several kilometres below ground requires a service call as it can’t be brought in to be fixed.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas fit into the largest GDP segment in Saskatchewan. Oil and gas operations also use large, specialized equipment, reliant on hydraulics. This equipment is used in the great outdoors and exposed to all weather extremes. Once a pumpjack is operating in the oil patch, it generally stays there. Repairs and maintenance usually need to be completed onsite VS in our shop. Count on Provincial Hydraulics to provide the service you need.

oil and gas equipment hydraulics
railway hydraulic equipment

Transportation – Trucking and Rail

Transportation and warehousing round out the top ten segments for Saskatchewan GDP. Trucking, rail, and freight management all include hydraulic components. All are prone to breakdown and do need regular maintenance. Provincial Hydraulics to the rescue. We have many years of experience working with the transportation industry. Call us with any questions you have. If you can’t bring the equipment to us, we can go to you.