Power Units

Hydraulic power units are also known as hydraulic power packs. They are generally self-contained units. Each unit includes a motor, a pump, valve, and a hydraulic fluid reservoir. These power units apply the hydraulic pressure to other associated parts of larger hydraulic systems. The self-contained aspect of these units makes them a versatile source for hydraulic power.

Provincial Hydraulics Inc can size, fabricate any size of power unit system you require, along with any additional features you require, such as flowmeters, low level switches, tank heaters, pressure gauges, pressure and return filtration.

Our staff will work with you. We can determine if a hydraulic power unit is a right fit for you. We can also determine if it should be powered by an electric motor, a combustion engine, or air-driven.


The Pirelli tire company began using a corporate slogan in 1993. “Power is nothing without control.” That statement could be considered to be a universal truth. It does apply to the science of hydraulics. Fluids are not compressible. When pressure is applied to a fluid, it cannot absorb it. The fluid must move to a place of lower pressure. Hydraulics manages this concept and adds controls to direct it. Provincial Hydraulics designs, builds, maintains, and repairs control systems for hydraulics. Talk to our experts about your hydraulic controls.


Instrumentation informs equipment operators. It displays what is happening inside the system they are operating. Instruments can measure and display things like fluid pressure, velocity, and temperature. Instrumentation provides feedback on the performance of equipment. It can indicate optimal conditions or problems. If the pressure is too low, it might indicate a leak. If it is too high, might require a shutdown to avoid damage. Instrumentation can indicate if things are proceeding as intended or experiences issues. Provincial Hydraulics can handle all of your hydraulic instrumentation needs. Call us today, 306-751-8140.

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